Indonesian Food Recipe : Getuk Lindri

Indonesian Food Recipe : Getuk Lindri
Indonesian Food Recipe : Getuk Lindri
Getuk is one of the traditional Indonesian bakery that came from Central Java which is made from raw material cassava and have more popular society, in addition to it's unique, this cake is also very easy to make.

Gethuk Singkong that made from cassava is a lot of stuff, and one of them is processed is getuk lindri of various colors and shapes. And the taste of getuk lindri was very tasty and tender at all, let alone coconut sprinkles on top to add flavor and crispy and tasty food on this one. The manufacture of these same getuk that cassava is then boiled and then mashed and added to the other mixed materials and molded according to taste. These foods are classified into traditional food, but now the food is widely varied with a dish that is present so that it can attract people who see it, 

usually these foods will be a lot of you have encountered in several regions island of Java, especially Central Java is still a lot to provide this meal as the food souvenirs , so for those of you who visit the stricken area of ​​central Java just looking for traditional snacks were very tasty and tender it. Getuk recipe is also very good for health, because getuk base material made of cassava that can lower stoke disease, heart disease, colon cancer and help control diabetes. Besides cassava also contains vitamin K which serves to build bone density.

How to make cassava getuk is very easy because you just boil the cassava and then mix salt and sugar then crushed. After that you can add a bit of dye that cake looks it beautiful

Ingredients :
·         ½ kg of cassava
·         ½  bar of coconuts
·         150 grams of sugar
·         Water to taste
·         Dye

You need to consider that when choosing  the right colors for getuk that  you want, if you really want a white getuk then you should using a sugar, for red getuk we recommend using a brown sugar, and if you want the green color, it is recommended to use the leaf juice suji.

How to make  Gethuk Singkong:
1. The First step to make Getuk Singkong is  peel the cassava, then you wash and cut into pieces with a size of about 5 cm
2. Then boiled the cassava until done, then you let stand until the steam is lost
3. Furthermore, cassava mixed with salt and sugar, then mash until blended
4. Add a little dye

5. Serve warm with a sprinkling of grated coconut
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