Indonesian Food Recipe : Cobek Belut

Indonesian Food Recipe : Cobek Belut
Indonesian Food Recipe : Cobek Belut

There are many kinds of sambal, indeed. In Manado and we know as rica-rica sauce or sambal Balado, in Java we know onion sauce, sambal petai and chili paste. In the town of Garut there is one culinary very tasty and nutritious, commonly called eel Cobet.

Eel Cobek is a typical dish of the town of Garut. Eel Cobek is using eels as its base material, and chili as supplementary material. Actually Eel Cobek are fried eel in the given spread sambal sauce and other ingredients, so it has a delicious flavor, savory and spicy.

If you are a citizen of the town of Lamongan, East Java, you must have been very familiar with the typical lamongan penyet stall. As well as tegal stall, penyet lamongan sta ll is one of the most groceries much demand in Indonesia. The difference between the stalls and stalls penyet tegal lamongan is, if in the stalls tegal its mainstay menu is rice Rames, then stalls penyet Lamongan, so reliable is the fried foods such as eel's mortar. Basically cuisine eel cobek nearly equal to the typical dishes such as fried chicken Lamongan Lamongan, fried duck Lamongan, Lamongan fried catfish, fried ati rempelo and some typical menus lamongan penyet other stalls.

If you want to make The Eel Cobek by  yourself at home, you need to prepare the ingredients and how to make this dishes in the following article.

Ingredients :
·         ½ kg of eels
·         2 segment galingale
·         5 pieces of cayenne pepper
·         3 cloves garlic
·         1 ½ teaspoon salt
·         ½ teaspoon shrimp paste
·         ¼ cup water
·         1 tablespoon sugar
·         5 sprigs of basil

How to make :
1. Clean the eels, then drain
2. Further grilled eel until cooked, then fillet the eel and remove the bone from it
3. Combine all the soft seasoning and add the eel and stir until smooth

4. Sprinkle with basil leaves
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