Indonesian Food : Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

Satay is a dish originating in Sumatra or Java, Indonesia, but is very popular in other countries in Southeast Asia such as China, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand, as well as in the Netherlands influenced such through of the Dutch colonies. In Malaysia, satay is popular during celebrations and can be found throughout the entire country. A close analogy can be found in Japan where the yakitori is very similar. Additionally you have the shish kebab similar to best satay.

The recipes and ingredients vary widely satay across countries, thus we can say that generally consists of chunks of meat put on a skewer of bamboo or spines of coconut, which put the grill on a charcoal of coal. It is often used turmeric to marinate the pieces of meat satay and granting it an exotic yellow. Meats used include beef, pork, venison, fish, shrimp and chicken. There are some exotic meats like crocodile and snake. It can be served with a spicy and slightly dipping sauce made ​​with peanuts, sliced ​​onions and cucumbers and ketupat. The pork satay can be served with a pineapple and is often marinated in turmeric relish. The Indonesian version usually has a dipping sauce with soy.

Some allege that best satay was invented by immigrants from China who used to sell the meat skewers on a barbecue street. To say this argument that the word satay means in the dialect of Xiamen "stacked three times" and really the satay is made ​​very often with three pieces of meat " stacked "on bamboo skewer. Another explanation claims that the word satay in Malay has an older meaning refers to a system applicable to the preparation of certain dishes verb Malaysian cuisine evidently had strong influences from Chinese cuisine. However, the satay is in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, all these countries have populations of origin China.

Moreover, it is quite possible it was invented by street vendors both Malaysia and the island of Java perhaps influenced by Arab kebab. The explanation of this origin is reasoned by the fact that only in the early nineteenth century was popular this dish, coinciding with the arrival of more immigrants to the region of Middle East. The most popular satay meat contains lamb and beef in Malaysia and Indonesian for being not halal between Muslims and Chinese communities intake of pork.

Ingredients and preparation vary widely from country to country. It may be with turmeric marinated meat, marinated fish, marinated shrimp or marinated poultry act, but usually chicken or lamb. Can be served with a spicy satay example, peanut sauce, or peanut -gravy with shallots and Lontong (Indonesian, steamed in coconut leaves rice). In Indonesia you eat best satay with Acar (acidic vegetables mixture of raw carrots, cucumber, chilli and shallots) as a side dish.

Most Malays do not eat meat alone. So usually included rice in rice cake. Sate easy to eat on the roadside as pierced with skewer. Kuah satay made ​​from beans finely crushed and mixed and cooked with various herbs. smell the fragrance is very important. Also available, best satay served with red onions and cucumbers, as well as ketupat rice or rice cake. In Malaysia, best satay is often associated with best satay Kajang. In Bayan Baru, Penang are sold best satay Kajang. Similarly, in Ipoh, Muar and Johor Bahru. Nephew of Haji Tasmin has commercialize this Kajang satay. If the first pizza eaten in the streets and hawker stalls, now sate dibangunan sold more luxury and standard. How cuisine, location, water menu, pizza menu will also change according to the changing times. Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines makes satay as an appetizer menu for First Class passengers and Business Class respectively.

For sate babi cubes are usually cut from a shoulder chops. Chicken satay is ideal for ajam. In Indonesia, it also uses other cuts of meat from pork, chicken or goat (even the fat). For beef satay Padang is used, for example, from riblappen. In Indonesia, best satay is often prepared by the side of the road and sold. Sate babi with pig pork meat, one finds particularly in Bali and in urban areas where particular Christian, ethnic Chinese live. Best Satay is one of many Indonesian dishes that have become in the Netherlands popular through the colonial ties.
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